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Take Me To Your Leaders.

Our leadership team has tons of experience aligning stars for brands large and small.

Luke Scott
Chief Creative Officer / My utopia is outdoors

Good at copywriting
Bad at making copies

Good at kind gestures
Bad at hand gestures

Good at talking
So so at translating

Good at parallel paths
Better at parallel parking

Good at running
Better at running the business

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Kristyn Shayon Miller
Chief Strategist / My utopia is now

Good at strategy
Bad at Stratego

Good at herding cats
Better at training dogs

Good at project management
So so at playlist management

Good at horses
Bad at horsing around

Good at being matriarchal
Better at being a Momma

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Jessica Forster
Account Director / My utopia is family

Good at communication
So-so at proper hydration

Good at assigning work
Better at not being a jerk

Good at organizing files
Bad at organized crime

Good at keeping projects moving
So-so at staying awake during movies

Good at Airtable
Better at Air Hockey

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Scott Andersen
Chief Technical Officer / My utopia is in the cloud

Good at programming
Bad at watching TV programs

Good at searching through engines
Better at Search Engine Optimization

Good at being an Eagle Scout
Bad at scouting for eagles

Good with databases
So so at running the actual bases

Good with content management systems
Better at managing systems

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Elise Lombardo
Accountant / My utopia is in a garden

Good with a calculator
So so with an abacus

Good at online banking
Better at actual banking

Good at Quickbooks
So so at booking quickly

Good at computing profit & loss
Bad at computational physics

Good at managing payroll
Better at making dinner rolls

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Kristyn (KSM)